A happier world sustained by
Value based living

Welcome to Lekol Enba Pie.

Life based on Human values is peaceful and full of happiness

Lekol Enba Pie is a Non Governmental Organisation that focuses on Human Values. Its activities aim at motivating people to live their life based on Values – Value based Living.

Members of the NGO are encouraged to make a self-analysis, become conscious of shortcoming/s, develop good daily habits that make everyone around them happy and become ambassadors of Value Based Living.

Human values are taught through the following activities:

  • Service to the needy
  • Muppet shows
  • Story telling
  • Brain storming sessions
  • Value based indoor games
  • Workshops on Human Values
  • Creativity activities
  • Character grooming sessions
  • Outings
  • Teambuilding sessions
  • Service facilities to Duke of Edinburgh participants

Our Vision

A happier world sustained by value based living

Our Mission

Working towards the wellbeing of one another through Human Values

Our Motto

Value based living

Year Founded

Events completed


Logo and explanation of logo

The logo was designed by Ruben Sidien
The trunk of the tree represents the happy person waving hands and dancing. The heart shape leaves represent the human values that condition his thoughts, words, actions and habits. The whole logo in the shape of an umbrella represents the protection of human nature from self-destruction through value based living.

Thank you

Members of Managing Committee of Lekol Enba Pie wish to express their sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the persons from Mauritius and abroad who have contributed in cash or in kind to promote the activities of the organisation.


  • To have a mobile stage for Muppet shows.
  • To present Muppet shows on Value Based Living.
  • To place an Eco bin by the seat of Lekol Enba Pie.
  • To sensitise members, neighbourhood, friends and families to waste management through sketch performed by members of Lekol Enba Pie.
  • To extend the campaign by eventually placing Eco bin in other areas.
  • To educate people to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle plastic bottles.

Protect the Environment

Avoid using plastic bottles whenever possible;
Try to reuse plastic bottles as far as possible;
Otherwise make a proper disposal of plastic bottles.
Lekol Enba Pie in its quest for a healthy environment is now equipped with an Eco bin. You are invited to make use of this bin for a proper disposal of Plastic Bottles.

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