Fund Raising Event – 30 September

Our fund raising event at Tamil League was long-awaited and a really enjoyable, though exhausting one when LEP family worked together as a closely united team for a successful outcome. The aim of this fund raising, laudable in the sense that money was needed to fund and materialize our forthcoming projects, fight against plastic pollution and protect our environment as per our mission.
We invited the public to come with family and friends, to play bingo, buy food, visit our second-hand sale stand (marché aux puces) where interesting items were displayed: books, clothes, house decorations, CDs etc…
We also offered a variety of decorative and fruit plants for sale.

One of the main attractions was definitely the food stall constantly replenished by a dynamic group of ladies who relentlessly managed the kitchen with the love of home cooking,

providing hot ‘puris’, chips, and savouries for the famished crowd. The stall remained busy throughout the day; freshly made tea and coffee were in great demand. Homemade alouda, oundé, pancakes, burfi, etc., graciously offered by members of LEP made the day for sweet tooth customers.
The Bingo game was evidently the attraction of the day, as lots of pricey gifts rewarded the lucky winners and helped create a joyful atmosphere mingled with suspense and satisfaction for those who had the correct number combination.
Not least, we must mention that our members worked hard to get donations and we heartily thank those generous donors who responded positively to our requests. We, of course, extend our gratitude also to members of the LEP family who donated the homemade food items which were greatly appreciated.
Yes, we managed to raise a satisfying amount of money to fund our future activities.

Celebrating the Environment day 2018

Lekol Enba Pie celebrated the Environment day on Sunday 24 June. The twenty eight enthusiastic participants aged 6 to 76 fully enjoyed all the activities organised.
During the walk through the luxurious vegetation of the coastal area of Le Bouchon, all visible plastic waste were picked up, and the natural beauty was rewarding all through out.
The group discussion was an opportunity to share ideas about how to respect or make others respect the environment.
The games, the laughing therapy, the walk and the group discussion were all conducive to a proper understanding of happiness and cleanliness.
The BYO (Bring Your Own) Lunch was a fiesta and a perfect example of sharing.
The stray dogs were a problem at Le Bouchon Beach. Suggestions about how Lekol Enba Pie could address this issue are most welcome.

Soyons des citoyens écologistes et responsables

L’inauguration de notre “poubelle écologique”

Projet phare de Lekol Enba Pie, l’achat, l’installation et éventuellement le lancement de notre poubelle écologique le samedi 19 mai 2018 a été un franc succès. Cet événement se situe dans la logique de Lekol Enba Pie, soit, apprendre de manière informelle, en s’ amusant, mais en s’appropriant et en vivant des valeurs universelles, et plus particulièrement ici, le respect et la protection de notre environnement mis en danger par l’envahissement du plastique!

Comment? Après une brève présentation et le rappel de la mission de Lekol Enba Pie, Nashi, la maîtresse de cérémonie a convié l’assistance, à regarder un sketch dont le texte est de M. E.Hassenjee., la pièce a conquis plus d’un.

L’assistance medusée et amusée a suivi avec une attention soutenue les échanges entre le singe (Mohinee), le coq (Vicky) et le lapin (Kalaivanee), un dialogue plein d’humour mais transmettant haut et fort le message de l’Association dans le contexte de la lutte contre les dégâts occasionnés par le plastique et, “dire non” à son envahissement dans notre environnement. En plus d’attirer notre attention sur ce fléau, nos personnages n’ont pas omis, non plus, de nous mettre en garde contre ses dangers inhérents pour tous et pour tout: hommes, animaux et végétaux, espaces terrestre et aquatique …

A la fin de la représentation, une brève demonstration a été donnée de la manière dont il fallait aplatir les bouteilles en plastique avant d’en disposer, faute de pouvoir les reutiliser. Ensuite, tous ceux présents ont été invités à jeter leurs bouteilles vides et aplaties, qu’ils avaient apportées de chez eux, dans la poubelle installée à coté de l’entrée de Peace Centre avant de déguster des dattes gracieusement offertes par un membre de LEP. Pour terminer, tous ceux présents ont reçu une carte imprimée de slogans pour la protection de notre planète!
Bravo à toute l’équipe pour cette inauguration réussie!

Lekol Enba Pie Team building -22 April 2018

The team building was held at MACOSS Regional Learning centre of Moka.
Many of the participants who were from different corners of the island were meeting each other for the first time. Every one irrespective of age, gender or ethnic group enjoyed the activities organised.
After the ice breaking games, a transformation was noticed in the attitude of the participants. A sudden bond of acceptance was established.

The Mission and Vision of Lekol Enba Pie were well understood.
The participants were so much engrossed in their group work that focussed on how to become an ambassador of Value Based Living that they did not feel the time slip by and had to be reminded that it was past lunch time.
The Lunch and Brunch prepared by members themselves were well appreciated by everyone.


Tavisen Veeramoothoo, member of Lekol Enba Pie, is among the laureates of Economics side 2017. We are all happy and proud of him.

Extract from his speech made at The Annual General Meeting of Lekol Enba Pie held on Saturday 17 February 2018.

“In December 2016, I participated in an another value-based- activities packed event LEP organised for underprivileged children — of Carre D’As, Village du Tamarinier, Black River. The day unfolded with games, sharing of lunch and distribution of gifts to the children. Our aim was not simply to instil values, but rather to express our love — showing that there exist people who genuinely do care for them. The daily ordeals of our little friends prompted me to contemplate that others enjoy more privileges than they themselves realise.

They are blessed with facilities. (This is perhaps an unskilful understatement for “being born with a silver spoon in the mouth”.) It is, thus, a moral duty towards the less fortunate to seize any opportunity that comes in the way. Despite all constraints, so did I for my HSC exams. I avail of every chance. I strive to succeed in my studies – anticipating those efforts would empower me to help the underprivileged more consequentially in the near future.”

Respect for our Environment

For years she has been indifferent to the words written on the poster at the entrance of Riviere des Galets beach. Her garden was well decorated with the smooth stones (galets) which she had taken from that beach each time she went there.
Once she joined the Managing Committee of Lekol Enba Pie and began advocating Value Based Living, the message displayed on the poster became meaningful to her; the stones taken from the beach were haunting her every day. Finally she removed the smooth stones from the garden, washed and packed them ready to be returned to their rightful place. She felt relieved from the burden that was becoming heavier each day.

To mark the Environment Day in June 2015, an outing to Rivière des Galets was organised and a workshop on Respect of the Environment was held on the beach under the trees with 62 participants. Each one of them took a small step towards respecting and preserving our environment by returning the galets from the bags to its original and rightful place while at the same time pledging to never taking away these ‘galets’ from the beach.

One week later, 2 youngsters who were among the participants, went to Rivière des Galets for a last trip as they were about to leave the country. They picked up two small galets which they wanted to bring with them as a souvenir of Mauritius. Then, suddenly remembering their pledge they put them back.

Last month, a new member after learning about the pledge made by the others in 2015, decided to return the smooth stones that he has taken from Rivière des Galets beach.
If you have at home smooth stones taken from Rivière des Galets which you wish to return back, please go ahead. Members of Lekol Enba Pie will assist you to do so.

A day with Children of La Laura Malenga, a village in the district of Moka,

30 girls and boys aged 11 to 18 participated in the activities held on 12 December 2016 in collaboration with the Association for Women’s Educational, Cultural and Social Empowerment of the locality.

We organized a workshop on the theme ‘Respect for oneself, family and friends’.

After lunch, games were organized to help the children lose their shyness and gain self confidence.

To teach the children, the pleasure of sharing, we gave each one an identical gift item and requested them to wrap it as a gift, to make a
greeting card and to offer it to the participant of the group allocated to them.

It as a joyful and fruitful day for the children of La Laura Malenga Village, the members of the women association present and the organisers from Lekol Enba Pie.

Christmas Party at Couvent des Soeurs Missionnaires de la Charite, Roche Bois 02 December 2017.

This activity was organized to spend some quality time with the residents of the Convent who informed LEP members in May 2017 that they would be very happy to have people with whom they could talk to and spend some time with.
The veranda was decorated, a Xmas tree placed in the lounge, a goody bag under the Xmas tree for each resident.

Members of Lekol Enba Pie embellished the bedside table of each resident of the convent with a colourful table cloth, a Xmas bouquet and a Xmas card.

Members spent time with the residents talking to them, applying make-up and nail varnish according to their wish.
They did look very happy. They were gifted with chains, bracelets, hairclips which they put on immediately.

Knowing that the residents enjoy listening to music we donated a CD player with radio to them. After appreciating the delicacies prepared for them, they sang and danced with LEP members.

It was a very beautiful and emotional moment for all. LEP members were happy to have given their time, attention, love, and care to the less fortunate and lonely ones .

It was a shocking, thrilling and memorable experience for Nina and her guests.

Nina, student from a star secondary school, wanted to celebrate her fifteenth birthday with children in distress. The members of the Managing Committee of Lekiol Enba Pie made arrangements for her party to be celebrated at La Colombe Shelter, a government institution situated at Pointe Aux Sables, where some 100 children in distress aged 1 day to 17 years old are taken care of.

Nit Production, the orchestra of Nina’s friend, easily tuned in with the songs and dance performed by the children of La Colombe Shelter, fascinated and captured the interest of all.

Dora from la Colombe Shelter, fully prepared for a song, burst into tears as she looked at the audience – her classmates were in front of her. They too were shocked to see their ‘classmate’ whom they had qualified as bizarre. They said:

“Azordi nu fin gagne ene leçon pour la vie,
faudez pas juge par l’apparence

Paulo, another guest of Nina was also in tears. He had just discovered that there were children who did not have the comfort of a home and a family. He wanted to rush home to thank his parents for all the privileges he was enjoying.

Aarthi, visually impaired, invited by Lekol Enba Pie to the birthday party, told the children that although they were separated from their respective family, they could still find happiness.

The names have been changed as a sign of respect for the children from la Colombe Shelter, a highly restricted area and their photos are not displayed.

Association we have been working

Lekol Enba Pie has carried out activities in the following places:

  • La Colombe Shelter of Pointe Aux Sables.
  • Maison Coeur Ecoute of Cite Barkly.
  • SOS village of Beau Bassin.
  • Village du Tamarin in Collaboration with NGO Pont du Tamarinier.
  • Vuillemin village in collaboration with TRUTH (Team rising up through him).
  • Village la Laura Malinga in Collaboration with Association for Women’s Educational Cultural Social Empowerment.
  • ST Hugues Home Rose Hill.
  • Convent of les Soeurs Missionnaires de la Charité , Roche Bois.